The Future for Creativity In Digital Is Bright

I had a great day at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School this week. After reading the article in NMA by Michael Nutley about how Creativity in digital goes way beyond advertising I was keen to learn how the next crop of leaders in the digital sector may take on the challenge.

My brief was to give the students an insight in to how a digital agency approaches a pitch and enable the team to gain some experience pitching an idea to a prospective client. I worked with the students studying a range of MSc and MBA courses.The scenario we worked on involved a small independent high street cycle shop with a modest online presence. The outcome is essential reading for any small retailer wishing to get the best out of online trading or any prospective digital employer looking to recruit exceptional talent to lead their online strategy.

The students divided in to teams of four. Each team assumed the role of a digital agency.

All of the teams were given the same brief and were asked to present their recommendations in only three hours. The resulting presentations were first class. A downloadable PDF shows the diverse range of ideas and suggestions that the team produced. This is a model any independent business with an ecommerce presence should follow.

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