Cheap Domain Names



Buying cheap domain names at the cheapest prices can be a time consuming task.

Most catchy valuable domains are already registered so it is a hard task thinking up great ideas for domain names in the first place. Once you have identified a domain name that is not registered it is then a task trying to find the best deals on cheap domain names.

As any experienced domain name owner will tell you the price you pay can vary significantly from one provider to another. Different extensions have different prices and not all websites provide the best rates for every extension – To get cheap domain names it is recommended that different extensions are registered with different providers.

To make this process easier here are my suggestions for locating cheap domain names. cheap domain names

Buying cheap domain names ending with the extension is best done via 123-reg. This company have been helping internet marketeers take advantage of their great service for years. The service is slick, the control panel well equipped and help desk satisfactory for almost any online operator. The service is very competitive and even enables webmasters to transfer domain names free of charge.

.com cheap domain names

A .com domain name is the preferred extension for most businesses. Having a .com domain indicates an established site and has international coverage so is great for global organisations. GoDaddy is difficult to beat for cheap domain names ending in .com. Millions of domain names are hosted with this service and the website is easy to navigate. Look out for GoDaddy promo codes to make additional savings on domains.